Safely and effectively detoxify with Ayurveda.

If you’ve ever felt unexplained lethargy, extreme morning grogginess or brain fog, you are likely experiencing the effects of what we call āma — the build up of metabolic waste in the body. This heavy, sticky substance is toxic to the system and is at the root of disease. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the root causes of this build up, how to prevent it, and how to safely and effectively detoxify with Ayurveda.

Here's what you'll get...

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    • WELCOME | Introduction

    • PRESENTATION | 1 hr 2 min

    • WORKSHEET | Recognizing and Addressing Ama

    • READING | The Wonders of Tongue Scraping

    • READING | Why No More (Raw) Salads and Smoothies?

    • OPPORTUNITY | Take the next step!

    • MORE SUPPORT | Connect with Us

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Meet Your Instructor

M.A., Clincial Ayurvedic Practitioner + Educator, Doula

Sierra Brashear

Sierra Brashear, MA is a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, wellness educator, DONA-trained doula and herbalist. As a graduate of Alandi Ayurveda's 2-year 2,000+ hour Practitioner of Ayurveda program in Boulder, Colorado, Sierra believes in the power of Ayurveda to heal ourselves, our families and our planet. She is also founder of Vibrant Souls and co-founder of Moon Bath.

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