Reset your reproductive system and fortify your womb in 16 weeks finally call in the child your heart desires.

  • Clear

    Overcome both physical and emotional barriers to pregnancy with conscious practices that will clear your body and mind.

  • Nourish

    Build the optimal temple in which you will support your baby with foods and rituals that nourish all levels of your being.

  • Conceive

    Discover ancient secrets for connecting with spirit, nature’s rhythms and your partner to ensure you conceive a healthy and highly aware child.

Ready to have a baby?

Start here.

Perhaps you’ve set an intention to conceive a child — but you aren’t sure where to begin on such a sacred journey. 

Or perhaps you've been trying to conceive for a while and have been confronted by frustrating fertility challenges.

If you seek to engage in every step of the journey to conception with reverence and intention this online program is created for you.  

Finally, a holistic approach that weaves ancient fertility wisdom into the modern context…and actually works.

Optimize your own wellness as you prepare to consciously conceive your child.

Join Sierra Brashear, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Doula, for a 16-week comprehensive fertility program in which you will…

  • Discover the roots of your unique fertility imbalances, and how to overcome them

  • Understand the four main barriers to fertility while learning to love your body more

  • Identify and clear toxins that block the channels of fertility, and utilize ancient techniques for clearing your wombspace

  • Deeply nourish your body and womb through food and lifestyle practices

  • Enjoy the process of building resiliency, vitality and libido, while naturally supporting your ovarian reserve

  • Intentionally curate your fertility environment with scents, textures, colors, and symbols

  • Make love in a way that you enjoy, while also maximizing your chances of conception

  • Integrate simple diet and lifestyle changes through an approachable daily routine

  • Find general balance in your unique mind-body constitution for overall wellness

The Art of Fertility is a 16-week program that prepares your body, mind and heart for an easeful conception and healthy pregnancy. We’ll begin by first clearing toxins from the physical and subtle realms, then move into gently nourishing your body and womb to support your baby. Call in a healthy and highly aware child by engaging in conscious conception — to help usher in a new generation of compassionate leaders and changemakers.

Access Exclusive Resources

As a participant in The Art of Fertility online program, you will have exclusive access to...

  • 18 dynamic learning modules featuring videos and interactive slides

  • Specific step-by-step instructions for safe and effective Ayurvedic cleansing

  • Guidelines for building and nourishing your womb with diet and lifestyle

  • Video classes offering yoga, meditation, breathwork and mudra

  • A Cleansing Food Guide and a Nourishing Food Guide — to be used in tandem with the two-fold approach

  • Recommendations for herbal supplements, teas, jams and oils

  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists, recipes and remedy guides

  • Quizzes to engage your mind and test your understanding

Bonus Opportunities

Begin now and access these special ways to connect.

  • Warm Welcome

    As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a warm welcome and opportunity to introduce yourself

  • Personal Support

    Personalized, one-on-one support with Ayurvedic practitioner and guide, Sierra, via private email.

  • Private Facebook Group

    A place to ask questions and connect with people on a similar journey to yours.

A Dynamic and Participatory Online Curriculum

Your journey begins when you sign up. Here's a sneak peek at the transformational experience that’s to come:

  • 1

    Laying the Foundations

    • VIDEO | Welcome (42 Min)

    • About Sierra + Cultivate Balance

    • SYLLABUS | Program Overview

    • CONNECT | Join the Private Facebook Group

    • QUIZ #1 | Foundations


    • FOUNDATIONS OF AYURVEDA | 60 Min (Optional)

  • 2

    Understanding Fertility Barriers

    • VIDEO | Intro to Understanding Fertility Barriers (3:17 min)

    • Whose fertility? A note on responsibility.

    • SLIDES | The Four Main Barriers + Three Prevalent Conditions

    • QUIZ #2 | Barriers


  • 3

    Clearing the Spiritual Field

    • VIDEO | Spiritual Clearing (8 min)

    • SLIDES | Clarifying Connection with Spirit

    • READING + VIDEO | Head to Heart, Body to Mind

    • PRACTICE | Womb Meditation


  • 4

    Clearing the Emotional Field

    • VIDEO | Emotional Clearing (3:30 min)

    • SLIDES | Clearing Stress & Enhancing Connection

    • POEM | On This Day

    • LISTEN | You Are Worthy of Rest

    • PRACTICE | Yoga Nidra + Yin Yoga

    • DOWNLOAD | Quality Rest, A Guide


  • 5

    Finding Mind-Body Balance

    • VIDEO | Finding Balance (3:30)

    • SLIDES | The Three Doshas

    • DISCOVER | The Doshas Within You

    • SLIDES | Mind Body Types

    • LISTEN | Mind Body Scan

    • DOWNLOAD | The 20 Ayurvedic Qualities

    • SLIDES | The Principle of Opposites

    • DOWNLOADS | Three Dosha Overviews

    • QUIZ #3 | Doshas


  • 6

    Correcting Fertility Imbalances by Dosha

    • VIDEO | Fertility by Dosha (2:21 min)

    • DISCOVER | Ayurvedic Fertility Quiz

    • SLIDES | Doshic Imbalances and Fertility

    • QUIZ #4 | Fertility by Dosha


  • 7

    Identifying and Clearing Toxins

    • VIDEO | Intro to Toxins (6:53 min)

    • SLIDES | Toxins and How to Clear Them

    • QUIZ #5 | Recognizing Ama and Agni

    • WORKSHEET | Recognizing and Clearing Toxins

    • READ | Proper Food Combining

    • RESOURCE | Alternatives to Toxic Substances


  • 8

    Ayurvedic Cleanse (Part 1: Preparation)

    • VIDEO | Intro to Ayurvedic Cleansing (6:59 min)

    • DOWNLOAD | Cleansing Food Guide

    • SLIDES | The Pre-Cleanse Diet

    • DOWNLOAD | Ayurvedic Cleanse Handbook

    • SLIDES | Plan and Gather Your Supplies

    • SUPPLIES LIST | Gather Everything You Need

    • VIDEO | How to Make Ghee


  • 9

    Clearing Your Wombspace

    • VIDEO | Intro to Womb Clearing (4:50 min)

    • VIDEO | Yoni Steaming

    • SLIDES | All About the Yoni Steam

    • DOWNLOAD | A Guide to Yoni Steaming

    • RESOURCE | Yoni Steam FAQ

    • PRACTICE | Yoni Steam Meditation

    • SLIDES | Womb Massage and ATMAT

    • DOWNLOAD | Womb Massage with Castor Oil

    • OPTIONAL | Find an Arvigo Practitioner


  • 10

    Cleansing with Yoga and Breath

    • VIDEO | Cleansing Yoga and Breath (4:30 min)

    • VIDEO | Cleansing Yoga (1 hour, 17 min)

    • VIDEO | Cleansing Breath (8:39 min)


  • 11

    Ayurvedic Cleanse (Part 2: Implementation)

    • VIDEO | Let's do this! Implementing the Cleanse (5:15 min)

    • SLIDES | Kitchari and Adjunct Therapies

    • DOWNLOAD | Ayurvedic Enema Instructions

    • DOWNLOAD | Ayurvedic Self Massage Instructions

    • DOWNLOAD | Cleansing Weekly Routine Overview

    • DOWNLOAD | Cleanse Daily Routine Checklist

    • SLIDES | Mindful Transition


  • 12

    Nourishing Your Body and Womb

    • VIDEO | Congratulations on Making it to Part 2! (2:04 min)

    • SLIDES | How to Truly Nourish with Food

    • DOWNLOAD | Fertility Nourishing Food Guide

    • DOWNLOAD | Takram Recipe

    • SLIDES | How to Nourish with Lifestyle


  • 13

    Building Resiliency and Vitality

    • VIDEO | Intro to Ojas (4:12 min)

    • SLIDES | Building Ojas + Herbal Allies

    • DOWNLOAD | Ojas Home Remedies


  • 14

    Connecting Through Yoga, Breath and Mudra

    • VIDEO | Mindfulness Practices (3:09 min)

    • SLIDES | Yoga, Breath and Mudra

    • DOWNLOAD | Yoga Poses for Fertility

    • VIDEO | Nourishing Yoga Practice (60 Min Class)

    • VIDEO | Breath of Fire Practice (8 Min Class)

    • VIDEO | Shakti Mudra


  • 15

    Knowing Your Body and Your Cycle

    • VIDEO | Intro to Knowing Your Body and Cycle (5:38 min)

    • VIDEO | Fertility Awareness Method (3 hours, 24 minutes)

    • RESOURCES | Book & Apps


  • 16

    Setting Up Time and Space Intentionally

    • VIDEO | Turning Attention to the External Landscape (3 min)

    • SLIDES | Creating Space with Organization, Aromas, Colors, Symbols & Crystals

    • SLIDES | Intentional Timing of the Year and Month


  • 17

    Making Love for Optimal Enjoyment and Success

    • VIDEO | Ayurveda and Sacred Sexual Union (5:53 min)

    • SLIDES | The Art of Making Love

    • DOWNLOAD | A Love Potion (Recipe)

    • SUPPLIES | For Luscious Love Making


  • 18

    Integrating Through Daily and Weekly Routine

    • VIDEO | Congratulations + Bringing it All Together (3:55 min)

    • SLIDES | Leveraging Doshas Throughout The Day

    • TOOL | Weekly Routine Worksheet

    • TOOL | Daily Routine Checklist for Enhanced Fertility

    • SLIDES | Patience, Surrender and Trust


    • SURVEY | Share Your Experience + Feedback

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

— Maya Angelou

Pay What You Can

Pricing options are available to benefit low income families. You can help keep this program available to all by supporting our work to the best of your ability.

I am so happy that I found this program... it's going to save us thousands of dollars!!

— Nia


  • Why does this approach to fertility work?

    This program is effective because it looks at a holistic picture of your life — taking into consideration lifestyle choices, emotional balance, nutrition, environment and connection with your spirit. The Art of Fertility is a two-fold journey: you will begin by first eliminating toxins from both the body and mind and will then move into gently building the optimal temple in which to nourish your baby. The two-fold approach is uniquely effective, as we understand that it is vital to find balance and clear out toxins before nourishing the womb and building the vital energies that support new life.

  • Who is The Art of Fertility for?

    This program is supportive for people seeking to conceive naturally, as well as for those seeking to conceive using IVF. If you are looking for a holistic, effective and enjoyable journey to conception, and you are willing to commit to making small and sustained shifts in your life, this program is for you. You will find benefit from this program whether you are just beginning your fertility journey, or if you have been on the path for some time and have tried several other approaches. You do not need a baseline level of health nor regular cycles for this program to work.

  • Why choose The Art of Fertility over other programs?

    This program draws its wisdom from the ancient holistic healing science of India, known as Ayurveda. With thousands of years of case studies proving its efficacy, Ayurveda offers clear, simple action steps that truly promote and support pregnancy. What’s special about The Art of Fertility is the ability to integrate the Ayurvedic principles and practices from the comfort of your own home, rather than spending thousands of dollars to receive them in an Ayurvedic treatment facility. In addition, you will discover that the wisdom offered throughout this program will support your general health and wellbeing so that you experience more vitality in your life overall.

  • When should I begin this program?

    The sooner you can begin this protocol in your fertility journey, the better. According to Ayurveda, fertility of the womb is akin to the fertility of a field — the more intention we put into pulling out the weeds and mending the soil, the better chances our seeds have to thrive. Ideally, you will begin this program 4 months before you intend to conceive or undergo IVF.

  • What is Ayurveda?

    An ancient medical science, Ayurveda offers a rich, deep and dynamic body of knowledge that supports holistic wellness on a deep level. Believed to be the oldest system of healing on Earth, Ayurveda is distinct in that it tailors preventative wellness, as well as the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, to the unique constitution of the individual. The focus is on bringing the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) within the individual’s body back into balance, as it is the imbalance and provocation of the elements that are the cause of any kind of disease. You can think of Ayurveda as the art of living in relation(ship) to the world around us.

  • Who is Cultivate Balance?

    Cultivate Balance is a wellness practice that is rooted in Ayurveda, weaving ancient wisdom for holistic healing into the modern context. Founders Molly McConnell and Sierra Brashear are clinical Ayurvedic practitioners who believe that self care is a radical act — when you are vibrant and awake, you have the clarity and energy to show up for what you believe in. The Cultivate Balance approach to wellness inspires a deep understanding and appreciation for the individual in a way that is soulful, embodied and accessible. Through personal consultations and educational opportunities, Molly and Sierra work to inspire individuals to reclaim their self love and live their deepest expression of wellness through easy-to-implement nutrition, daily routine and self care rituals. The goal is to nurture yourself so you can nurture the world. Now, more than ever, we are being called to return home to ourselves and the Earth.

  • Where does this program take place?

    The Art of Fertility is a fully remote learning opportunity — this virtual program can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and you will implement the practices in your own home or space. Cultivate Balance is based in Boulder, Colorado and we are proud to offer our online course content to participants all over the world.

Here's what people LIKE YOU have to say!

I wanted to sincerely thank you for creating such a beautiful program...  I can feel myself stepping into the role of a mother with a feeling of appreciation and honor to receive the opportunity to raise a child into this world.

 — MiauwLing

I loved how the course helped me to pinpoint the specific challenges I may face/imbalances I have, and gave easy, effective, and very reasonable solutions.

 — Christine 

This course is transformational! I am doing so much more self-care and feeling amazing. Thank you!!! 

 — Alinka


Hello, I'm Sierra and I'll be your guide!

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Doula and Co-Founder of Cultivate Balance

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner | Educator | Doula

Sierra Brashear, M.A.

Sierra Brashear, MA is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, DONA-trained doula, herbalist and wellness educator. Since finding her passion for reproductive health care in 2012, Sierra has supported hundreds of families from conception to birth and beyond. She is a graduate of Alandi Ayurveda's 2-year 2,000+ hour Practitioner of Ayurveda program in Boulder, Colorado.

I'm here for you when you're ready!

If you're curious but not ready to dive in just yet, drop your email below!


The Art of Fertility is designed with your life in mind.


The next Art of Fertility program includes 18 modules released over 16-weeks. You are encouraged to complete modules within the week they are released, but are welcome to complete them at your own pace. 

Once program material is released you have lifetime access. 


This program is intended to be inclusive — all racial and gender identities are welcome, and all family styles are embraced. We invite all those with a womb to join this journey, and it is not assumed that you have a male partner, or any partner at all. 


We offer sliding scale through a “pay what you can” model. This is specifically offered to benefit low income individuals/families, those disproportionately affected by the pandemic, students and employees of non-profits. You can help keep this program available to all by supporting our work to the best of your ability.


This is a 16-week program. You are welcome to take your time and move through the material more slowly, but you should not plan to speed the process up. Modules will take an average of one hour to complete, with an additional 2-3 hours of implementation action each week. True cleansing and building take slow, sustained shifts.

To participate fully, be prepared to implement a cleansing mono-diet for approximately 5 days. Additional costs for supplies could range from $100-$200 depending on your unique needs and preferences.  


Set yourself up for success by creating space in which you can immerse yourself in learning. We suggest that you select and dedicate certain hours of your week to the course. Select times that you will have the attention and energy to listen to the lessons and complete activities such as reflection, worksheets and quizzes. Write your chosen days and times down in your calendar, and prioritize sticking to your schedule over whatever else comes up. As you engage with the content, do your best to remain fully present — don’t have the course playing in the background while you do something else, and don’t attempt to multi-task. This course is your gift to yourself, so take it in with your whole heart. It won’t take much, just a little awareness around the structuring of your day.

Take the first step of your greatest journey.

A woman's fertility is the nexus for the growth and sustenance of offspring, food, agriculture, consciousness, and life — all of which are connected to her power of sexuality. 

— Maya Tiwari